How To Add Music To Capcut? | The Guide

How To Add Music To Capcut? | The Guide

In today’s world, people, especially youths, are into social media. Many youths are getting influenced by influencers, vloggers, and short filmmakers on social media like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc., and want to do that. Thus, in such a case, video editors play a strategic role. Therefore, a variety of video editors have been in the market; one such editor is CapCut. The CapCut being the legit one, has introduced different amazing features that are attractive and easy to handle. Hence, it won’t be wrong if we could denote CapCut as the video editing app that many social media influencers use for video editing.

However, in today’s article, we will discuss a major quest of how to add music to capcut app during video editing. Well, we are sure that now you will be so excited to explore more. So, without any delay, let us start to explore it.

Step By Step Guide On How To Add Music To Capcut App

So here we are discussing the steps by step process of adding music to the capcut app. After reading this whole heading, you are fully eligible to add music to the Cap Cut app. These steps are as follows.

First, Download The Capcut Application

If the capcut is not on your mobile devices, install it first. If you have Android, go with the google play store, and if you have ios, then Apple Store, go and install it.

Import Your Desired Video

After installing the app, lunch it and press the pulse button on them. Then start the new projects, select the desired video from your phone gallery, and import in cap cut.

Go Music Library

This “Music” icon is at the bottom of the screen; tap it to add music to the footage. You may look through an extensive range of already-downloaded tunes in CapCut’s music collection by clicking below.

Choose A Suitable Music Track

Select the most suitable music from the music library and explore the theme by searching the bar according to your video. Once you get the track, select it and tap the preview button. Add the music track to your video and tap to use control. You can also reduce the length of the video by adjusting the slides.

Adjust The Setting Of The Music

After adding the music to your video, you can customize its settings by clicking the timeline you can and accessing the music customization, you have multiple options like fading sounds, volume adjustments, etc

You Also Have The Option Of Multiple Music Tracks

Suppose your video demands multiple music tracks, so this option is also available. Follow the steps discussed above because capcut is a diverse app that allows you to add various ways. Laying choice because it aims to make more creative videos. Just adjusting the setting simplifies it. That is why capcut is easy to use.

Display And Exporting

Once you add music to the video double, check it before finalizing it. Then click to play button to preview it and submit it for the final product. Click the “Exporting” option if something appears in order. You can select the preferred video file size and quality parameters before CapCut processes the footage. To add the altered movie to your gadget’s gallery, touch the “Exporting” option again.


Although until now, you know how to add music to capcut videos during the editing. You must follow these steps if you are a beginner, and if you already know about it, make sure there are always chances for improvement, so you also read this text carefully and share it with others. So share as much as you can.

What if I want to use a specific part of the music track in my video?

CapCut’s trimming and splitting tools enable you to select and use specific sections of the music track. This is particularly useful if you want to match the music to specific moments or scenes in your video.

Are there recommended audio formats for music added to CapCut?

CapCut supports various audio formats, but for best compatibility, it’s advisable to use common formats like MP3 or AAC when adding music to your videos.

How can I synchronize the music with the visuals in my CapCut video?

CapCut provides a timeline where you can precisely synchronize the music with your video’s visuals. You can align key moments in the music track with specific scenes or transitions to create a harmonious connection between audio and visuals.

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