How to Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut

How to Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut

Are you an influencer or digital content creator who wants to edit your videos in an attractive yet professional way? If yes, then this article will definitely be for you. Now, how and why will this article be so relevant? So, this article will capture you with an exciting yet professional feature that keeps the viewer towards your video hooked. In the following, we will discuss a popular feature and question how to add reveal text as you walk into capcut.

 Moreover, adding this feature will not only give a professional vibe but also assist in providing a video with a dynamic look. So, let’s start the exploration!

Now, if you are here, you have an excellent grip on the capcut and know how to use it for yourself. Well, here in the next section, we will discuss the feature of revealing the text in detail. So, are you all set to explore? Let’s begin the crazy discovery!

Revealing Text The Popular Feature Of Capcut

The revealing text is one of CapCut’s most wanted features for its users. It allows the users to edit the customized text in the background, which can be customized with a color background and animation. The feature gives the video a professional edit.

Now you may want to know why this feature should be used. So, let’s decipher it too.

Why Should We Use Reveal Text Feature In Capcut

How to Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut Mod dApk

The text-revealing feature is new in town. However, it is considered one of the most effective techniques to attract the viewer. It can be used to create attractive visuals or to highlight something. The revealing text feature is mainly for highlighting sorting in the introduction or while changing or switching the video from one topic to another. Thus, increasing watch time, engagement, and audience. So, together with all the facts, the revealing text as you walk in capcut is highly popular and should be used.

Now, you will be so energized that you will be looking for an accessible guide to help you get data on applying the reval text feature in capcut. So, in the following section, we will discuss it in detail.

How To Reveal Text as you walk in capcut?

You should follow the required steps to imply the feature to videos. Well, we have divided the whole application process into six easy steps that will be easy for you to understand. So, let’s decode it!

Step 1: Open A New Project 

Open the capcut in your Android or ios and click on the “the +” tab on the top. Once you click on it, a new project will open.

Step 2:Import The Video Clips

The second major step would be to add video clips to the project. After opening the new project:

  1. Click the import button, which will take you to the gallery.
  2. Select the video clips you want to be added; make sure you add the clip sequence-wise.
  3. After the video clips are added, take an overview.

Step 3: Add The Text

Following the second step, you must add the text to the video. You will probably ask how to add the text, So you only need to select the “the text” option from the list of features shown below in the toolbar. See the text and add the text your want. You can even customize the text color and font.

For customizing the font. Click on the sub-feature “font” and select any type f font you want out of many. 

Step 4: Apply the Beauuful Transition To Text 

Once you finish the text, it is time to add animation to the video to make it more attractive. You can add the transition by clicking on the feature “animation” from the toolbar. Once you have selected the feature a new window will open, showing you different animation styles. Select your most favorite yet relevant one for your video. 

Step 5: Adjust the text according to the timing

So, after the addition of revealing text. All you need to do after it is to manage the text according to the timeline. To do this, select the timeframe from the toolbar and move the text layer according to the time you want, To make it more effective. The customized duration option sounds excellent to a lot of users. 

Step 6: Preview the video and save

Now you are done with the editing, take a quick preview of the video and check whether you are satisfied with the adjustment. Once you are happy, Export the video to the gallery. While saving, make sure to keep it in high quality

Here A few Useful Tips To Consider

Below are some important tips you need to follow to make your editing experience easy. The recommendations will assist you a lot:

  • Always select the simple font text
  • Giving a background to the text will add more beauty
  • Apply different animations and choose the most attractive one
  • Make sure to keep the text font and text consider yet attractive

These are a few tips that will help you a lot.

Final Verdict

Hence, we have finally discussed every angle related to the quest of How to Add Reveal Text As You Walk in CapCut. Make sure to follow every step keenly to have a dynamic video experience. We hope that you will like the guide and will find it helpful.

How can I add reveal text in CapCut?

To add reveal text in CapCut, open the app and import your video. Tap on the “Text” option, select the desired text style, and position it in the scene. Then, enable the “Reveal” feature and adjust the settings to control the timing and animation of the text reveal.

Can I customize the appearance of the reveal text in CapCut?

Yes, CapCut provides various customization options for reveal text. You can choose from different text styles, fonts, colors, and sizes. Additionally, you can adjust the reveal animation effects, such as fade, slide, or dissolve, to match your desired visual style.

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