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How To Blur Video Background in CapCut? | The Worth Asking Question In 2023

Human loves to have their classical videos. Well, it’s their natural habit that men love things that look good and are appreciated, especially in today’s world of modernization, where everything is ultimately connected, and social media is here. There’s always a need to have a feature that boosts the videos. This is where CapCut being the legit video editing platform, comes in. 

The app continuously works in society, intending to provide users with the best options for whatever they want. Hence, judging the desperate need of the users for a feature that can enable them to blur their videos and images, CapCut decided to include it in their featured list. 

Thus, if you are one of those looking for the quest of how to blur video background in capcut, then here in this article, we will discuss it in detail. So, tighten up your belts, and let’s begin!

Well, before we get straight right up to the step-by-step guide, it’s essential to have a short overview of the capcut in case anyone of you doesn’t know much about capcut.

What Is CapCut?

Video editing is always tricky with typical software; this is where capcut plays a significant role. The capcut is a powerful, user-friendly interface app released in 2020 by byte-dance developers. The app was designed to assist the tiktokers in editing their videos. Soon, with its exclusive features, it gets famous for very social people. 

The app allows users to easily customize their videos with unique templates, effects, music, and fonts. Thus, from spliting to blurring the background of the video with a CapCut, you can completely change the look of the video, and this is all free. Isn’t it so great?

Now, comes right away to the point of how to blur the video background in capcut.

 How To Blur Video Background Using CapCut?

blur video background

We care about you and know that you will probably be looking for the step-by-step guide on how you blur a video on capcut. Hence, to give you a seamless video editing experience, we have discussed the simple and easy-to-understand steps below. Let’s have a look at it!

  1. The Installation Of The CapCut

The fundamental step would be to download the app on which you are willing to edit your video, which means installing the capcut in case you have installed or don’t have the updated version; the downloading process is very easy. All you need is to go to your respective app store, whether it’s google play or Apple. Open it, write your app name, and click the download tap. Once downloaded, open the capcut and tap on the new project. 

  1. Video Importation Process

Once you have opened the new project, it’s time to import the desired video which you want to be edited. Import that video there. 

Now you may ask how to import; so simple, tap on the “+” shown on the right side of your capcut. When you will click, the window will open, allowing you to select the video from the gallery. Select it. 

  1. The Blurry Effect Edit

Now comes the major edit of adding the blur effect to the video background 

Once your video is onboard, select the desired portion of the video you want to edit. Whether it’s a whole video or a limited part, select it. After selecting, click on the tab with the name “ Effects.” There you will get an array of effects and options, Search for the “Blur effect,” click on it, and simply apply it to the selected video portion, and you are done with the implication process. 

  1. Adjustment Of The Blur Effect

Well, it’s not over yet. Once you have applied the blur effect, You will be shown an array of settings you need to adjust. These include the essential feature of adjusting the intensity of the blur and the shape of the blur you want. Play with the adjustment to make your video more classical and professional. 

  1. Again Click On Apply

Once you have adjusted all the blur effects settings, click on apply button. The button then enables your adjustment to the selective portion of the video. 

  1. Preview & Export

After its implication and adjustment, we suggest you preview your video. Check out whether it’s good to go or if there is a need for Re-edit. Once, after checking, click on export, decide the resolution, and you are done!

So, these are the basic steps you must follow to apply the blur effect. Now, let’s have a quick overview of the before video tips that will surely help you to add smooth effects. 

Tips To Consider

  • Always make sure that your video is in high resolution.
  • The video must be shooted with a still camera, whether from a Tripod stand or something else; it will make it easy for you to add blur background effect in capcut
  • Decide what you want in the background to blur.
  • You can use the shape and blur intensity setting to target a specific object in the background. 


Thus, we have discussed How To Blur the Video Background in CapCut. Well, blurring gives your videos pictures an immensely attractive and professional look, and with CapCut, you can do it quickly. 

Can I blur the background of the video and pictures in capcut?

Yes, you can add the blur effect and can blur the background.

Which app is best to blur the background of videos?

Many apps allow you to edit the video background. Well, Capcut is one of the reliable ones.

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