How To Use CapCut Green Screen

How To Use CapCut Green Screen? | The Step By Step Guide For Beginners 2023

Are you looking for a feature to give your video editing a smooth, flawless touch? If yes, then the capcut green screen feature will be for you. The green screen effect is a popular yet attractive option for giving a video a beautiful look that surrey and unleashes the potential of your videos.

Now, you would be thinking, where will we get this feature? So Capcut, being a professional video editing app, could solve your questions with all its incorporated green screen effects and more. 

Hence, here in this article, we will assist you in exploring the world of green screen effects, how to use overlay in capcut green screen, and how to use CapCut Green Screen. So, let’s look at the step-by-step guide for a keen understanding. Let’s explore!

Two Methods Of Adding CapCut Green Screen Effect

Capcut, a reliable video editing tool, is available on both ios and Android and has been known for its exclusive green screen effect. However, if you are thinking about how to use Capcut green screen effect on pc or Android, then the app has two main methods via which you can add the green screen feature.

  1. Add green screen effect with chroma key
  2. Add green screen effect with background remover

Now, the primary question is what will be the steps to apply these methods. Let’s have a look!

Adding Green Screen In CapCut Using Chroma Key

The Chroma Key method is one of the popular methods for adding a green screen. However, to apply it, it is essential to have the green screen downloaded into your gallery so you can add it, and if in case you don’t have it or lost it, then it is recommended to download it back. 

Additionally, you can download it via royalty-free websites that don’t claim copyrights, such as Pixabay or Pexels. 

Now, Let’s get into the deep analysis of the steps:

Step 1

First, open your CapCut app and click on the new project. After opening the new project, select the video as a background.

 Note: it is vital to select the video option so that you may add more video clips just by tapping on the add option.

Step 2

After adding clips, click on the overlay option from the toolbar below. Once you have clicked on it, you will be given different options for green screen video, select one of them and add it to the background. 

Step 3

After selecting the green screen video, click the chroma key feature. You may find it in the menu bar. Search and click on it. It will redirect you to a new option with different color choices. Select any color which you want to remove.

Step 4

The fourth step will be to modify the intensity, thickness, etc., of the selected color you want to remove from the background. You can find the intensity feature from the bottom menu, click on it and drag the intensity bar to the point that it completely disappears. 

Note: You can also change the intensity or shadow levels by dragging it. 

Step 5

Once you are satisfied with all, it is time to preview the video and click on the export button. The video will be automatically saved in your gallery.

Step 6

Re-touch the videos if you need to edit them to make them more attractive and smooth.

Add Screen Green Effect With Background Remover

The background remover implication for the green effect is another significant method. The following section will decipher how to use the green screen effect on capcut 2023 using background remover. 

Step 1

Click on the capcut app, open it, and tap on the new project “+” option.

Step 2

Once it is opened, select the video clip you want to add to the project.

Step 3

Select the overlay option from the toolbar;  add an overlay and green screen.

Step 4

Once you have added the green screen video effect from the bottom menu bar, click on the remove background option below and tap on it to remove the background of the video clips. 

Step 5

Check out the video to see whether it works perfectly, and after getting satisfied, export it to your gallery.

Things To Consider While Using The Green Screen

Here are the few basic things you must take care of it to make your video editing more smooth:

  • Always have the even Lighting
  • Consider the high-quality green screen
  • Make sure to keenly place the subject in front of the green screen so it doesn’t overlap.
  • Make sure that the subject and green screen has enough contrast.

Thus, these are the few basics that will help you a lot!


Hence we have discussed how to use Capcut green screen effect. Ultimately, the effect is recognized as popular, adding much more value to the video by enhancing each clip scene. While the app has an array of features with a user-friendly interface, making the video editing experience much more exciting.

 So, now what are you waiting for? Give a touch of professionalism and creativity to your videos, and enjoy this exclusive journey of editing footage.

Can you remove the green screen with CapCut?

Yes, we can remove the green screen with CapCut. The app offers features like a chroma key to remove the green screen.

How to remove the green screen with a capcut?

You can remove the green screen effect on Capcut using a chroma key or background remover.

Did CapCut Remove Chroma Key?

No, capcut didn’t remove it. Still, many users complained about it. However, the fact is that the feature is still in capcut and is moved under the background remover option.

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