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How To Use The AI Manga Filter Tiktok Effect In Capcut?

Have you heard about the manga trend and how to apply it? Or are you a manga series lover? If yes, then you will definitely want to know about the Ai Manga filter tiktok effect and how to apply this filter and all.

Well, the filter is in trend on TikTok, with millions of people loving it, aiming to find a video editor that helps them to convert their regular videos to a manga filter. The filter, with the immense popularity of social media and with the hike of digital content creators, gets so popular that people are getting crazy for it on TikTok. 

However, it’s just an overview. Surely you will be wondering to know the exact answer to this filter. Why is it so people, how to do anime filter on tiktok and more? So, here in this article, we will explore this with a few more exciting textures. So, let’s have a view.

Overview Of AI Manga Filter Tiktok Effect

The AI Manga Filter Tiktok Effect In Capcut Mod Apk

The ai manga filter effect is getting popular by storm. Now you would ask what’s so unique in that filter that its popularity is increasing day a day and it is in trend on TikTok. Well, the ai manga filter is an effect created by the significant development of artificial intelligence. This effect uses Artificial intelligence to convert the photos into the typical manga style. 

Hence, for all manga lovers, this type of manga-style animation video is so exciting, and thus, they put their immense love into it. The effects allow the users to add different hues, textures, lines and more, which enables them to make the video manga so attractive and impressive giving out pure Japanese manga comic vibes. 

Thus, with all these facts, the ai manga effect Tiktok is so popular, and users love the editing of this feature on CapCut.

Pros Of Using This Type Of Effect In Your Videos

There are an array of benefits that attract digital content creators, and hence the filter is getting into a trend on Tiktok.

  • The effect attracts all manga lovers, and thus, there are more chances of the video getting viral.
  •  It gives out a fantastic comic vibe and creativity to the videos. 
  • The manga effect enhances the video’s overall look 
  • Increases engagement and traffic

3 Most Popular AI Manga Filter TikTok Effects

  • Filter Jadie Anime
  • Beruba Jadie Anime
  • Ai Anime Tiktok

How To Use The AI Manga Filter Tiktok Effect In Capcut?

The AI Manga Filter Tiktok Effect in CapCut is user-friendly and straightforward. However, there are a few basic steps that every user is required to follow to create a smooth effect.

Let’s see how you can add the manga effect to your video or photo:

  • Pick the template you like and tap on it
  • Once you click on it, you will be redirected to the CapCut template official page
  • Once you have landed on the official page, click “Use the template in capcut.”
  • Your CapCut app will open automatically
  • Now upload your video or photos from the gallery 
  • And you are done- save the video!

Few Tips To Consider While Using The AI Manga Template On Tiktok

AI manga effect implication is easy, but still, it is not that easy. Thus, to make your experience smooth -we have decided to compile five of significant tips that will surely help.

  • Add the effect in an infrequent manner
  • Always select the template that is related to your video theme 
  • Consider your video theme before editing anything
  • Try different settings and aspects to get the best balance


Thus, we have discussed the Ai Manga Filter TikTok Effect (3 Templates). This type of manga effect in capcut is an excellent feature holding a strategic role in the popularity of CapCut. Moreover, due to its compelling yet unique and engaging features, the effect keeps the viewers attracted and amazed.

 Not only is the manga filter on the top trend of TikTok; thus, if you want to be part of this trend, you can do so by using CapCut. Ultimately, we suggest following all the tips and steps above for the best result and experience. 

Why don’t I have the TikTok AI manga filter?

There could be a glitch in your TikTok; hence it is recommended to update your TikTok version if you cannot find the Ai Mange filter.

On which type of video did this Ai Manga filter work?

You can apply this effect to any video and photo.

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